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      We're aware of files that are not completed when Downloading that's because we still need work on them, main areas are vb4, ips4 and ipb


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  1. Good Offshore Hostings

    What made you stop using it? Just bought hosting from there and I hope all will be well
  2. Hello Fellas

    Thanks for the warm welcome! Loving it here already.
  3. Favorite movies?

    You mean The Godfather? It''s 3 movies, I think made around the 70s about the Corleone family. In the first two Marlon Brando plays Don Vito Corleone and it's all mob stuff, not really much action so you gotta have to like that kind of stuff otherwise you'll get bored to death of it lol. None of my friends really care for it but it's a very well done trilogy imo. Even though the last one sucked a little (His Son takes over at that point, played by Al Pacino)
  4. Files

    I've only just joined but that is a wise decision. I also like that newbie's posts have to be approved first. That way you'll have less LQ spammy posts all over the place.
  5. Favorite movies?

    I've got a thing for old mobster-style movies. Goodfellas is #1 for me, followed by The Godfather trilogy and Scarface.
  6. A new site

    Hey man looks dope! You guys did a good job. I also dig the theme, it's based on the Titan theme I believe? Anyways solid work mate.
  7. XenForo Thoughts

    XenForo is pretty sleek but I also think IPS outshines it. I just never really could get into XF, I do think it's pretty though.
  8. Looking for a recommendation

    IPS is dope. Seems a little buggy at times but I've tweaked it to the way I like it and I'm really happy with it.
  9. Hello Fellas

    Hello guys, I'm Max, 20 and from Germany. I'm using IPS and I'm looking to expand my horizon and learn as much as I can. So far this place seems great. I can't wait to meet all of you and hopefully share stuff of my own soon. See you around!