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    That would be a great addition. and a section for Android Support, Rooting etc
  2. I've been planning to give our users 2 extra theme options apart from this one. So it's something I'll be considering.
  3. Nice to see you here dude, to the team!
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    Deflection by IPS Focus. It's available for download in the Donator's area.
  5. Styles

    I remember this skin when I had a 3.x community. I had made so many modifications to it.
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    Yep. And even though I'm 25 I still get carded at times. Male. His name is boots. (my mom named it that)
  7. I decided to make up this topic for fun since I've seen in many forums they have a Selfies / post pics of yourself topic. So I guess I'll start it off. I normally dye my hair blonde but this is my real color
  8. Your antivirus, malware bytes treats this site as "malicious" you need to whitelist Scriptznulled. Do the following: Navigate to the webpage that is currently being blocked. Right-click the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware icon in the lower right corner of your screen (near the clock) Click Add to Ignore List. Click the IP address that was blocked
  9. to Scriptz nulled. Feel free to upload and share what you like
  10. Not really. 5 posts could easily be gained by uploading files or talking in our many diverse topics. It is done to prevent Leechers and can by even bypassed by becoming +Donator if need be. But the fact we're giving free paid applications and plugins in exchange for you to simply post relevant content in topics a total of 5 times seems completely fair in my opinion and hardly a price to pay for all you get after those 5 relevant posts. And It's not even 5 posts, you get 2 for free. You get one in your Auto-Generated topic and you get another one in your personal introduction post. So in reality we don't even ask for 5 posts from you, just 3
  11. Hello Everyone, I wanted to update you guys on some things as well as the Grand Opening of my own Warez Site: Latest Updates: I have improved our warning system a bit, with some just preset punishments based on 1-4 Warning points. 1 being Verbal, 2 being Restrcitions and Moderation 3 being a stricter level and 4 being a perma ban. I have also attempted to creating a Twitter Login Handler for us, but for some reason it's not working. I am hoping to solve it this weekend. NEW WAREZ SITE: I am pleased to announce that I have created my own Warez site. I have created This site is not just another Warez site, much less competition for ScriptzNulled. InvisionScriptz is an IPB Only Community for 4.x and 3.x for all other software, Scriptz Nulled is still your best Source for software. And as an opening Bonus I am offering anyone who joins and uploads IPB Files the rank of uploader after uploading 10 Unique Files. This will later on require a bigger number. If you want to know how to join Invision Scriptz, read the next update below. SSO Enabled on all sites: I have made a MASTER and and slave sites in Single Sign on. This means if you register in any of the 3 sites for the first time, your account will also be created on the other 2 sites with the same username and log in information you registered with. Example: A new member registers in Scriptznulled with the name Joe101 and password: 12345 All that info is automatically copied into and meaning you can visit these other 2 sites with your scriptznulled login without creating an account and you will automatically have your account over there as well. The same method works Vice-Versa. If you join you will have an account made in and Anicyon. All your account under one universal login for all 3 sites. I hope you guys visit and upload in and enjoy it as much as this community, and I also hope you guys like the Single Sign on between all 3 sites.
  12. @Logan Hi there. I Majored in IT/Computer Science. Graduated in 2015, I am now an IT Consultant for a Marketing Company. I love my job and I loved my years in college. Cloud computing is an excellent field to get into and a very demanding one as you said. While you are in college, I suggest you look into Oracle Cloud Certifications: Oracle Cloud Certification | Certification | Oracle This could be a great help for you in the future.
  13. Saludos, soy el Admin que habla espanol. Cualquier duda o pregunta, me dejas saber.
  14. you can create a sub directory or sub domain for this: or
  15. Version


    Latest IPB Version, April 10, 2017. Includes minor bug fixes as we await IPB 4.2.x