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Registration Terms

General ScriptzNulled Community rules.


General information

User accounts, user names and user photos

  • signature
  • Content of contributions and Messages
  • Additional rules
  • Infringements and fraud
  • Board Team
  • Liability Disclaimer Notice
  • Downloads 

1) General information:

  • There is a friendly and respectful tone. are not tolerated aggressive, abusive, violent, radical, racist, discriminatory and otherwise offensive comments. These are signatures / avatar permitted, either in user texts in contributions.
  • Each user has to abide by the forum rules.
  • Should you an unsolvable problem for you with other users, then you can in exceptional cases contact a Super Moderator or (co) administrator, and this can then try to convey. Generally you should your differences and disputes but cleared alone.
  • Registration itself does not have any legal consequences, since there is also a very normal Talk areas.

2.) user accounts, user names and user photos:

  • Every user may hold only one account; Multiple accounts are reported to the team so that they can be removed.
  • Any disregard of the rules will be punished. We decide, depending on the incident on the punishment!
  • Username and user images must be chosen so that they can be understood as in any way offensive, nudging and racist or violate other good manners.
  • Usernames are not allowed refer to a domain.

3.) Signature:

  • Is permitted: An image having a size of max. 468 x 60 pixels.
  • The image, the max. not exceed file size of 200 KB.
  • Direct Downloads in the signature are not allowed.
  • Spoilers are not allowed.
  • All rules from point §3. Content of contributions and Messages also apply to signatures.
  • These rules apply only to users, not for Forum staff.
  • Signatures that are too large will be deleted.
  • With repeated offenses can draw a temporary or permanent removal from the community to be.

4.) content of contributions and Messages: reserves the right at any time to delete content, move or revise that do not conform to the rules. This can be done without prior notice to the author.

  • This is a English forum. STRICTLY ENGLISH ONLY, Use a translator if you must
  • Correct spelling and punctuation are desired
  • Continuous lowercase is allowed, the excessive use of dialects should be avoided 4.1) threads and posts.:
  • It is sometimes better to open a new topic, as a very old topic brush up
  • Threads, which are only used to collect contributions undesirable and are removed 
  • (except for Community Talk)
  • Any thread may just 60 minutes after sending to edit, then an edit is not possible anymore, looks so two times out if everything is all right.

4.2) topics (threads):

  • Create your topic in the appropriate forum. Avoid too many topics on the same matter in different areas to create
  • Choose a descriptive and meaningful titles. Renounce ASCII characters and to excessive use of punctuation
  • Describe your request as accurately as possible. Note Also, see the instructions which are pinned up in some areas. In some areas, additional rules apply
  • Topicbumping (also called push) is only max. every 24 hours allowed. The pushing of foreign subjects is prohibited
  • Avoid topics older than 4 weeks (or 1 week in the News section) to push with unnecessary comments

4.3) Contributions (posts):

  • Make sure that your contribution makes sense and fits the theme. (Explaine your oppinion)
  • Spontaneous emotional outbursts can often seem confusing. Therefore think first, then write, read it again and then respond only
  • Spam of any kind is prohibited
  • Quote function please use meaningful. Quote only the section to which your contribution relates (No Fullqoutes with long texts)
  • "Wannabe moderation" is not wanted here
  • THX or Thanks Posts are prohibited if you want to say thank you, use the Like button
  • (Etc. Clicking games) links with Ref-IDs are not allowed
  • * Definition Spam
  • include spam too short, repetitive, unfounded (meaningless) and off-topic / question to the most suitable answers. Repetitions of already existing answers are just about how superfluous thanks, empty phrases without justification / proof Review announcements and general. "Bullshit".
  • Tanks / Thanks
  • Thanks You
  • After that I wanted for a long time ... Thanks
  • Cool
  • update
  • Upload new version / Please upload new version
  • Works / Works / go / running
  • or small talk that does not fit to the actual topic

5.) Additional rules:

In each of the areas further rules are pinned. These are to be followed.
6.) infringements and fraud:

  • Any breach of the rules is cautioned. Should this occur repeatedly, which can draw a temporary or permanent expulsion from the board by itself.
  • The warnings are issued by the moderators and administrators.
  • Should a user feel unfairly treated, he has the possibility of this with the next highest point (Moderator, Co-Administrator) to discuss.
  • The team reserves the right to prosecute in individual cases, things that are not listed in the rules.
  • User permanently stir up trouble, provoke or undermine the authority of the team, be directly referenced of the board.

7) Board team:

  • The instructions of the team is always obeyed
  • Decisions of the crew / individual team members are not discussable
  • Each team member has the right to close topics or posts or delete that violate the rules or disturb the general board Air

8.) Liability Disclaimer Notice

  • Personal data such as for example, IP addresses are not stored
  • User information is strictly confidential and not disclosed to third parties




9.1) Uploading

  • Always post virustotal result link in the content. Files that are uploaded without virustotal link will be removed and author will receive a warn.
  • You also agree for the additional rules that applies in the downloads. Check forums for the rules.
  • Don't upload non working programs, applications or backdoored.


Last update: 25.04.2017 - Added rules for downloads / uploads.

The ScriptzNulled Team