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Scriptznulled would Like to wish the ones that have an exam for there GCSE has we have young members in this community, as a community we wish you the best of luck and hope you succeed in what your wanting to do later on in life.

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  3. The file dosen't work.
  4. Hi, I'm looking for good series (Please, that they have various seasons) I'm a guy who likes fiction series, space, and science, any recomendations? Thanks!
  5. I recommend you World of Warships, it's a pretty cool game, works on MacOS and Windows and it's free and online and excellent graphics & servers!
  6. the "I got never punched by a kangaroo" was a very random question LOLLLLLL xDDDD to the forum!
  7. Yeah! Thanks man!
  8. Your name (optional, we understand privacy) Joaquin How old are you? (optional, we understand privacy) Where you from? (country/state) what script you currently use Your website link (optional, we understand privacy) other things about you (hobbies/interests/job/etc)
  9. Found this place from a google search while looking for Xenforo add-ons and styles
  10. Tell us how did you hear about us and what made you join us
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    May I ask where did you hear about us?
  12. Battlefield hardline and Forza 6 are what I'm between just now.
  13. The Marvel films and Django Unchained
  14. I use XAMPP both on Windows and macOS

    What you mean? Merged: added _date_later Hmm, tidying it and making it faster like tidy forum and downloads etc
  16. Hello, My name is Sam I am from London, England I am currently using Xenforo 1.5 Other interests: General Gaming
  17. Suits Grey's Anatomy American Goods House Supernatural
  18. Your specs are gonna look bad?! I'm running an pretty outdated laptop by Asus. Intel i5 3337-U 1.8Ghz (this is the main bottleneck killing my laptop on almost every game) NVidia Geforce 740M 8 GB DDR3 Ram 1 TB HDD
  19. Hi, so I'm new here. I do live in Australia. Australia, not Austria ( people tend do confuse these ^^) I do mainly use Xenforo. So.. other things about me .. I got never punched by a kangaroo. (Someone actually asked me that one, as he had just seen a gif about a man kickboxing a kangaroo after it attacked his dog xD) So nice to meet ya'all
  20. Hello you can call me iCrudz. I'm from the UK I'm currently using phpBB and Xenforo. I have experience in php, HTML, CSS, python and some C++. Wan't to ask me something feel free Thanks for having me here
  21. OVH/soyoustart Are the best at the moment.
  22. Your name (optional, we understand privacy) Wesley How old are you? (optional, we understand privacy) 24 Where you from? (country/state) Brazil/SC what script you currently use Wordpress/HTML other things about you (hobbies/interests/job/etc) I am currently a developer of a design agency. My hobby is to find new templates with new ideas ...
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    Congrats on 2k!! Only recently joined myself but I have heard about you in the past.
  24. Just curious as to see if there are any fans of the Fast and Furious franchise and if it's actually worth watching, yes or no?

    @scriptznulled, May I know, What exactly you think to change in this forum? Currently, we really get the best experience in this forum...
  26. Oh god, my specs are gonna look bad in comparison. Currently running: Intel i5 4690k 3.5Ghz A Gigabyte motherboard I have forgotten the name of AMD Radeon HD 7870 series MSI 8 GB kingston DDR3 500 GB HDD Man, I need my new pc...
  27. Forza Motorsport 6 and the Battlefront games
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