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About This File

Admin Features

  • Enable Chat
  • Enable Chat Rooms
  • Enable Chat Page
  • Rooms to display in the navigation
  • Display Mode (All Pages, Forums List Above, Forums List Below, Sidebar Below Visitor Panel, Sidebar Bottom, Chat Page Only, Embed)
  • Allow room change in embed mode
  • Enable chatters list
  • Enable top chatters list with limit
  • Hide users after x minutes of inactivity
  • Enable tag alerts
  • Link tagged users to their profile
  • Enable avatars in users list
  • Enable avatars in message list
  • Enable colored messages
  • Enable color picker
  • Choose if banned users can view chat
  • Set maximum messages displayed
  • Set maximum smilies used in a message
  • Delete messages older than x days
  • Delete rooms inactive for x days
  • Enable /me command
  • Enable /whisper command
  • Enable /quit command
  • Enable /kick command
  • Display user commands by chat bot
  • Chose which editor buttons are displayed (bold, italic, underline, strike-through, link, image, media, quote, spoiler, code, smilies)
  • Disallow certain BBCodes
  • Disable All BBCodes
  • Set default user settings
  • Displayed notifications
  • Refresh rate control (4 states)
  • Enable Chat Page Sidebar
  • Display top chatters widget on chat page sidebar
  • Notices (You can use multiple in rotation)
  • Ads (You can use multiple in rotation) / Support for Ads Manager is available.


All Pages Mode it displays a bar at the bottom of the window with the last posted message and the number of chatters. When you click on the bar, the chat get displayed and you can chat from any page at any time. This way you don't have to stay on specific page to chat.

Embed Mode allows you to embed the chat with any room anywhere you want in the template using a template callback with XF's Template Modifications System.

There is also a mode called Full Page Mode which allows you to embed the chat using an iframe. To use it, you just need to add /fullpage to the end of the chat page URL.


Rooms (User Group Based Permissions)

  • Admin option to globally enable/disable rooms feature.
  • Users can Add/Edit/Delete Rooms from within the chat if they have permission.
  • Admin can create rooms with user group based permissions.
  • Users can password protect their rooms if they have permission.
  • Users can bypass password if they have permission.
  • You can view who's chatting and in which room.
  • By using /room and then typing you can search for rooms.

/whisper command (Permission based)
Allows you to send private messages to chatters and the best part is that it supports multiple recipients at the same time.

/whisper [User 1, User 2] your message
You can either write this manually or you can click the new "Whisper" link in the user actions menu. If you click on multiple users "Whisper" action, they will be added to the group.

When the message shows up, you can see who else received the message and if you click on the "Whisper" text, you can send a new message to the same group, without having to click again on their "Whisper"link.

The /whisper command can be globally switched on/off from admin options and there are also user group permissions.

/me command (User Group Based Permissions)

Enable/disable the /me command.

Set if command is displayed by the chat bot.

/quit command (User Group Based Permissions)

  • Enable/disable the /quit command.
  • Set if command is displayed by the chat bot.

Command will display a message to all users: Username has left the chat.

If you write something after the command, that message will be included with the notification: Username has left the chat (Your message).

/prune command (User Group Based Permissions)
Will delete all the messages in the current room.
By adding all after the command will delete all the messages in all the rooms.
By adding the username of a user after the command, will delete all the messages by that user from the room.

/status command (User Group Based Permissions)
Allows you to set a status that will be displayed under your username in the chatters list. The status can be also set from the user options.

/kick command (User Group Based Permissions)
Allows you to kick users from the room for x hours (specified in the admin option).

/clear command
Will clear all the messages in the chat window (does not delete them).

/rules command
Will display an overlay with the rules you have set.

/rooms command
Will display the available rooms.

/help command
Will display an overlay with information about the chat commands.

/user command
By typing /user followed by a username, will display only the messages associated with that user.

/giphy command
Will post a random GIF image using Giphy service. If a keyword is specified, the GIF will be random based on that keyword.

Bot Responses
Allows you to set keywords that can trigger automated messages posted by chat bot.

Bot Messages
Allows you to automatically post messages at a scheduled time.

Desktop Notifications
Allow you to display desktop notifications when there are new messages and the chat window is unfocused. You can set which message types are displayed (normal, whisper, tag, bot). Users have the option to disable this from their settings.

Default Joined Rooms
This feature will set the default rooms for new chat users. The rooms can be selected from the chat admin options and it only works with rooms that don't require a password. For rooms that are permission based, the permissions will be taken into consideration before joining.

Keep Session Alive
If enabled, active chat sessions will be updated every 5 minutes to keep them alive.

Set last active tab default
If enabled, the last active room tab in the chat will be set as default on the next page load.


What's New in Version 1.25.0 RC 4   See changelog


  • Added option to create new rooms inside rooms list.
  • Added option to leave existing room via a button inside editor. This can be enabled/disabled from admin options.
  • Fixed a /quit command issue.
  • Fixed an error when deleting uploaded images.
  • Fixed a compatibility issues with some styles when managing reports.

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