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  1. As said JAFRi, if you don't trust the nullers, use online virus scanner tool like But for backdoors, these can be implement in any php script, including other forums too, wordpress etc. In some cases they put somewhere the target won't detect it (like templates , images directory etc).
  2. Use option Dismissed vBulletin News Item IDs, then save. The items you want to restrict post there.
  3. Fill the required topic layout for requesting support here. Read the required topic layout HERE - Required Topic Layout. Next time remember, follow the section rules or the thread will be deleted.
  4. NEWS

    Client Area (Advanced Support System for Donators) Features that will have clients: - Opening new ticket, replying to ticket, closing the ticket. - Their account will be protected with PIN code, and the pin code can't be changed once it has been generated. - Changing account informations, first need to enter PIN code in order to edit the details. - See the news from support/admins. This project is under SN (scriptz nulled), and currently is under developing. So if you have any idea what we need to do, reply here with your idea. Accessing to the Client Area can have only active Donators. Best regards, Waha005
  5. Recently i've discovered too many spam comments, that can't be cleared. But from now, starting from 25/04/2017. All comments that has contains message like "Thank you", "tnx", and similar like this will be removed and author will receive a warn for spamming. (3 warning points) which will take some actions, posting restrictions and content moderation temporary. - If you want to thank the author of the uploaded file, just click "Like" button. Please read the Community Rules. These rules also applies on downloads system too. Download comments should be used for: • If u are not sure that uploaded version is compatible with board version. • Asking for updating the plugin or theme if it's outdated. Note: Always scan the files with virustotal online virus scanner, Also, if you found a malicious file, please report it using report form with some proofs (screenshot of virustotal result). False reports will be punished with a warn. Regards, Waha005
  6. The author of the thread has said that no longer need it. This thread has been closed for further discussions to prevent spam. #closed.
  7. This topic is to post links to hosts that are offshore and onshore what is good and cheaper. Posting something or commenting without giving a link as described in the thread will be threated as spam.
  8. This tutorial is for newbies (beginners). #closed to prevent spam.
  9. Announcements

    Making a 5 non spam content isn't a hard thing.
  10. Why to edit templates, that options already exists in vbulletin admin control panel. You can do this in admincp - > forum manager and edit display order. 1 means that category/forum will be first, 2 is the after 1 etc.
  11. Note: On onshore hostings and free hostings you will get problems. Free web hostings 99% are onshore, so you are risking suspension, and most boards will not work, even for testing. We won't help people on free hostings, because they are not good, and you can't make from bad host, your website to work normally because some functions are restricted, and other unavailable for their reasons. x10hosting will faster find your nulled community and suspend you. I know how they work. #closed
  12. Assume this that every users here have their community nulled boards, so talking about onshore, advertising is bad idea. To protect members from this, leeching their informations to laws (original software developers including), we do not recommend onshore hosting and will be censored here. Godaddy, and any other hostings like this is bad for your nulled boards, and good for licensed boards. So using them is high risk that once DMCA reported to your provider, the hosting will share your information to the laws (including ip address). Be aware of this.
  13. General Discussion

    Removed Knownsrv, because the host is bad and will be unsupported here.
  14. Hey

    sseeesshh to the ScriptzNulled. Have a nice day and enjoy using our forum.
  15. to ScriptzNulled, enjoy using our forum and stay active Best regards