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[vBMods.rocks] Add Google Translate to your vB5 Forum 1.00

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How do you make your vBulletin 5 forum available in different languages without using language packs? There is a way to allow people who do not have English (or the forum's default language) as their first language to read your forum by integrating it with Google Translate. The advantage of this over language packs is it translates all the textual content (including the posts) of your forum. But note that since Google is translating the content in real time on every page load, you will see a flash of the original content while it is being translated.

This mod adds a dropdown containing the available languages in Google Translate. The dropdown is displayed next to the username (or Edit Site if Admin).

Please download the appropriate file for your forum below and follow installation instructions provided.

This mod is also posted in https://vbmods.rocks/forum/vbulletin...your-vb5-forum
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