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    MGC Chatbox Evo 3.4.0

    This mod is automatically compatible with vB3.6.x, vB3.7.x, vB3.8.x and vB4.x.xOverviewMGC Chatbox Evo is the most ever installed chatbox for vBulletin !It offers a new enhanced online experience to your members leading to increased time spent online of more than 25% by providing them...
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    MGC Chatbox Evo

    ScriptzNulled submitted a new resource:MGC Chatbox Evo - MGC Chatbox EvoRead more about this resource...
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    vBH-Add new tabs 1.2

    vBH-Add new tabs 1.2 with no querys Mark as installed, if you use itIf you like this modification please suport it in the mod of the moth pollWhat does this plugin? This plugin allows you to add new tabs in the navigation bar to link to any site you want.Installation: Import the xml...
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    vBH-Add new tabs

    ScriptzNulled submitted a new resource:vBH-Add new tabs - vBH-Add new tabsRead more about this resource...
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    Tabs Add System for vBulletin 4 (sstab advanced) 2.0.5

    Review: This mod allows you to easily add and remove tabs on the navigation bar using the adminCP. Tabs can appear as "selected" after being clicked, automatically deselecting the other tabs. You also have the option of indicating which groups are allowed and not allowed to see the tabs via...
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    Tabs Add System for vBulletin 4 (sstab advanced)

    ScriptzNulled submitted a new resource:Tabs Add System for vBulletin 4 (sstab advanced) - Tabs Add System for vBulletin 4 (sstab advanced)Read more about this resource...
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    Yilmaz - TikTok Embed 1.0.0

    TikTok embeds videos automaticallyExample urlsTiktok mobile short video url Code: Tiktok desktop video urlCode:View:
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    Yilmaz - TikTok Embed

    ScriptzNulled submitted a new resource:Yilmaz - TikTok Embed - Yilmaz - TikTok EmbedRead more about this resource...
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    reCAPTCHA v2 Human Verification 1.0.0

    (Note: This mod was renamed. The original name was "New reCAPTCHA Human Verification")What is it? ---------------------------- This mod adds reCAPTCHA v2 as an option in the Human Verification Manager.Note: The original reCAPTCHA used default keys if you didn't enter your own, so you could...
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    reCAPTCHA v2 Human Verification

    ScriptzNulled submitted a new resource:reCAPTCHA v2 Human Verification - reCAPTCHA v2 Human VerificationRead more about this resource...
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    Yilmaz - Auto Video Embed vB5 1.1.3

    Tested with vBulletin Version 5.7.0 and PHP Version 8.1.11 ======================================== Description: ======================================== This mod, It can embed video URLs automaticallySupported video services.
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    Yilmaz - Auto Video Embed vB5

    ScriptzNulled submitted a new resource:Yilmaz - Auto Video Embed vB5 - Yilmaz - Auto Video Embed vB5Read more about this resource...
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    [DBTech] AJAX Threads v1 (vB5) 1.1.2a4

    AJAX Threads: What is it? AJAX Threads brings your threads alive, making them automatically refresh without needing to reload the page.UsesAJAX Threads is the ideal product for forums with busy threads or which deal with any sort of "event" be that TV shows, sports or game releases! AJAX...
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    [DBTech] AJAX Threads v1 (vB5)

    ScriptzNulled submitted a new resource:[DBTech] AJAX Threads v1 (vB5) - [DBTech] AJAX Threads v1 (vB5)Read more about this resource...
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    Latest Album Pictures 1.00

    Latest Album PicturesIt shows the pictures added to the albums on the main page. It shows only the public mentioned files. If not shows the reasons are: vbulletin settings show albums must be enabled.The user grup that owns the pictures must be enabled show picture setting. Or there is no...
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    Latest Album Pictures

    ScriptzNulled submitted a new resource:Latest Album Pictures - Latest Album PicturesRead more about this resource...
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    Back To Top Button 1.00

    Description: This modification adds a 'Back to Top' button powered by jQuery. It fades in and out beautifully and is fully customization from the AdminCP. You are able to easily change the colors of both normal and upon mouse hover, text and turn it off completely from the Settings menu.This...
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    Back To Top Button

    ScriptzNulled submitted a new resource:Back To Top Button - Back To Top ButtonRead more about this resource...
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    [BETA 2] vBFoster - The Missing vBulletin Features [Lite] 1.00

    If you liked vBFoster lite version, Vote for it in MOTM are very happy to announce that our first public beta of vBFoster 1.5 is released, It has been done in the latest current vBulletin version, We will update it once any new version...
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    [BETA 2] vBFoster - The Missing vBulletin Features [Lite]

    ScriptzNulled submitted a new resource:[BETA 2] vBFoster - The Missing vBulletin Features [Lite] - [BETA 2] vBFoster - The Missing vBulletin Features [Lite]Read more about this resource...