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Scriptznulled would Like to wish the ones that have an exam for there GCSE has we have young members in this community, as a community we wish you the best of luck and hope you succeed in what your wanting to do later on in life.

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Found 7 results

  1. NEWS

    Scriptznulled is looking for Junior Moderators to moderate the site and keep the site clean and post approved as fast as can be, being a member of staff and a junior moderator means you don't get paid nor its not a job you do this in your spare time it requires dedication. How can i be a Junior Moderator? Must have atleast 10 files 50 or more useful post Speak English very good Have exsperiance in what we support example: xenforo,vb,ips,wordpress etc Must have an account 60 or more days old Make an application here Please be advised (only @scriptznulled can view the applications and this may take minimum of a day to sort out) any questions ask below!
  2. NEWS

    Client Area (Advanced Support System for Donators) Features that will have clients: - Opening new ticket, replying to ticket, closing the ticket. - Their account will be protected with PIN code, and the pin code can't be changed once it has been generated. - Changing account informations, first need to enter PIN code in order to edit the details. - See the news from support/admins. This project is under SN (scriptz nulled), and currently is under developing. So if you have any idea what we need to do, reply here with your idea. Accessing to the Client Area can have only active Donators. Best regards, Waha005
  3. NEWS

    Hello Everyone, Scriptznulled staff have been busy recently making changes towards scriptznulled for our members Heres whats been currently changed Downloads: Wordpress WHMCS Joomla Vanilla Phpbb Simple Machines Concrete5 Vbulletin 3 These are New it be much appreciated if we have uploads from dedicated members to keep scriptznulled alive System side: Added Spam protection High on leaching and double accounts New and a coded theme 5 post required to download Site side: Added steam login Merged Post (instead of when you post after a mistake it will add to your post) there will be more changes towards scriptznulled and we will keep this thread updated if you want more softwares added to scriptznulled please post them at the bottom If possible with there website
  4. NEWS

    Dear Members, as many know I was promoted to Community manager earlier today by our Owner and Founder: @scriptznulled so I got home from the office and added some fixes to the site and have wasted no time in adding some perks for our members too. Check it out! Minor Cosmetic Fixes: I fixed our postbit which was a bit out of place. I simply added a CSS class to make the names properly fit. Before and after pics: added some group formatting for the main profile page: added a feature to allow Community Managers and Administrators edit profiles at ACP level without the need to go into the ACP that much I also now Separated pinned topics from regular ones: NEW PERKS!! I added a few new small changes I think everyone will like: Profile Songs: Yes it is finally time to upload that song you like so much and want everyone to hear LOL. Simply go to your Profile and add your favorite MP3 file. NOTE: Profile songs are not available for regular members. This is a perk for staff, donators, friends, suppliers and uploaders. If you want it, you must be one of these ranks. Topic Bumps: now in all topics you will see a button that says "Bump This Topic" you will be allowed to bump 1 topic every 24 hours. Donators and Uploaders can bump 2 every 24 hours and staff can bump any topic, any time. This is very useful if you want to bump your Support Request because no one saw it or your file request after 24 hours or even your website showcase. I also made it impossible to double post in a 24 hr span. This is to prevent extra bumps. I hope everyone likes these updates, and remember to donate. We now have Donator Exclusive downloads which you can access and enjoy. PS: at request from other members in other Warez sites, I've decided to open up my own site which would open at some point. Which will be a site for IPB only and of course It will be partners with this community. More details on that in the later future.
  5. NEWS

    Hello scriptznulled, I've had reports that when you enter the site you get this error I'm aware of this error and I'm moving to a better server soon instead of the one I'm currently on now however if you do get errors please post the pictures here and I'm working on moving the site onto a better server. Thank-you to @arjun1259 For the image and report!
  6. NEWS

    You have access to Plugins / Templates and more? If you upload 10 Resources we will upgrade you to the member-group Uploader. How can you get it ? Upload 10 or more Resources (No Duplicates) It is free, it just cost only your time!
  7. NEWS

    Welcome to Scriptznulled Underground! Welcome to our website, with all about nulling softwares such as Vbulletin, IPS/IPB, Xenforo. If you have any ideas or suggestions post it here. Enjoy your stay! We are looking for people that can contribute to Scriptznulled Underground!