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[VB3] Interactive Google Maps In Post

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No Google Maps API key, no mod install, no template edits, etc. This is based off YBMF's mod for 4.0, but a bit easier for the end user. Instead of the user having to input the full Google Maps link, just the address, name of business, etc is acceptable. 

Admin CP --> Custom BB Codes --> Add New BB Code

Title: Map

BB Code Tag Name: map

Replacement: <div align="center" style="margin: 5px 5px 5px 5px;">
<table class="tborder" cellpadding="6" cellspacing="1" border="0" width="100%">
<td class="thead" style="text-align:center"><iframe width="100%" height="600" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src="{param}&output=embed"></iframe></td>

Example: [map]201 S. Grant Avenue, Columbus, Ohio[/map]

Description: This will insert a Google map of the location you input

Use {option}: No

Button Image (Optional): whatever 20x20 image you want, attached is the one we use

Remove Tag If Empty: Yes

Disable BB Code Within This BB Code: Yes

Disable Smilies Within This BB Code: Yes

Disable Word Wrapping Within This BB Code: Yes


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